Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Allstedt airfield

Allstedt airfield is one of many old russian military bases in the east part of Germany.

if you told me 30 years before, that once a time I drive over the russian airstrip with an old american car, i called you dumbhead. 30 years later I did :-), so I drove not called anybody a dumbhead.

I did my personal 1/4 mls w/ an imaginary rival :-) and had a break in one of the countless hangars. these are hiding in the forest (can see it on google maps)

some people collect everything; inside the hangar was an old emergency heli, half of an old MIG (its the russian F18) bomb dummies and so on

ready to start :-)

inside a hangar; looks like the fleetline is made of pattern rolled steel


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