Dienstag, 31. August 2010

W.A.R. 4 - a review

i dont wanna boring you with a lot of words. only a few of them.
it was great (met a lot of friends and got a lot more of them)
it was rainy (sometimes)
it was loud (some cool bands played)
it was exhausting (no day before 3am to bed)
it was NOT the last one

THX to Smokin Shutdown - Road Devils - and all the great supporter
ok here we go

my host in Basel, breakfastmaker and taxi purchaser - Simon (thanks for all)

he is a great handcrafter but the garage is a mess ;-)

first it is a carshow but for me this year was a big meet&greet - wow
here together w/ lil Daddy Roth, Stuart n Nasthasia from Britain

Kai made a tiki-head out of wood

hot rods w/ alot of attitude

and this year we find some time to go for culture (not car kulture)
Weil is famous for its Vitra Design museum

I put some car kulture into the museum :-) can you find it?

back from culture to kulture; the area arround was full of cars, guys and girls

after a burnout - firefighter were on the way to W.A.R. ; wasnt funny

big farewell on sunday after a great saturday night

it was a cool cool weekend THX to all and as always


Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

wedding ride

last weekend a buddy of me celebrated his wedding. his girlfriend and he asked me if i could drive both to the register office and back. it was a honor for me of course. and so i picked up the bride from home and drove her to the husband to-be. the office is situated in the vault of an old castle. very nice spot there. the fleetline was the 2nd best lookin woman on this day. i took the chance to get some pix of me taken from the wedding photographer (later here).

by the way it was the 1st time ever i worn a suit :-)


Montag, 2. August 2010

last weekend - carport powerplay

saturday 0600 am. wake up - cup of coffee - two rolls. 0630 am preparing the loader, the tools and energy outside.
0700 am team is completed.
the timber came yesterday

some of the columns and the braces are ready for roof beam

every single brace is made with a tenon and hold by a nail made of wood; real handcraft
for the roof beam i rent a lil loader for better handling

here i make a mortise for the tenon

all the work is only possible with a good team

aproxx 0900 pm the work was done :-) and i wiped out
but the result looks pretty good - i think