Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Berlin, Berlin

we used the nice weekend ones more for a trip to Berlin. program on saturday was visit my construction site and a short "Hello" to the world famouse Flying Piston headquarter. always good for a stylish cup of coffee and a chilly blonde (means cold beer :)

these nice pieces of porcelain are available by Be-bob-a-hula

you could spend days stroll around the town and taken pix. I love that.

pix below were taken at Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

some less corners show how it looked there before 1989 (and this a one of a better example )

friday eve I used for a visit at the Reichstag in the dark

this time we hit the centre of tourism too :) by the way you cant say that isnt worth seeing.
Berlin Friedrichstrasse

I enjoyed to sit at STARBUCKS right next to the Brandenburg Gate and checked emails - some kind of strange


Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

glorious autumn

maybe the last chance to catch the warmth of the sun this year. its a bright sunny saturday in Germany. so you have to take the advantage for a ride thru the colorful woods and fields. the new starter works fine and was finished  at the right time.  enjoy your weekend.

meet the class enemy ;)


Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

first aid for HER

she got problems to start after a short or long drive. it seems as the battery is low but she isnt. my next assumption was the starter. after watching at some bulletin boards my guess was right. the heat of the header and the pipe  could be a problem for the starter on a SB.
short call to the us-speedshop and the ministarter came on his way to me. very nice people there. I like it if you can talk to real people if you have a problem.
last weekend I dismounted the old starter and got my first surprise. the bolts on the old one are diagonal the one on the new are in a row. sh.t ! so starter back and lookin for a new one. unfortunately I cant get one from these guys in Hamburg. I find one at Summit Racing but had no appetite to order there bc of all the taxes and duties here in Germany. that sux. end of the song - I ordered an normal starter with correct retainer. and maybe I build a lil heatshield for it. some of you would be say "hm changing a starter is not big thing", but for me it was the 1st one and Im happy ab it :)))

very tight inside; have to dismount the header first

old one with diagonal bolts

my professional car lift :) (better than nothing)

addition october, 09th 2010: IT WORKS :)