Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Allstedt airfield

Allstedt airfield is one of many old russian military bases in the east part of Germany.

if you told me 30 years before, that once a time I drive over the russian airstrip with an old american car, i called you dumbhead. 30 years later I did :-), so I drove not called anybody a dumbhead.

I did my personal 1/4 mls w/ an imaginary rival :-) and had a break in one of the countless hangars. these are hiding in the forest (can see it on google maps)

some people collect everything; inside the hangar was an old emergency heli, half of an old MIG (its the russian F18) bomb dummies and so on

ready to start :-)

inside a hangar; looks like the fleetline is made of pattern rolled steel


Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

W.A.R. 2010

every year end of august there is a "little" meeting in the centre of europe. within the France/Switzerland/ Germany - triangle in Weil / Rhein.

Today i´ve booked the flight. first i wanna drive by car but its a question of money. 340 € for gas or 133 € for kerosine. not to forget the time to save.

if you need more informations about the car / artshow please visit their website

W.A.R. is supported by


Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

back from Elba - some impressions

ok folks. we are back (what a pitty)
it was great - warm - delicious - sportive (more passiv than activ ;-)
its better to explain by pix - here we go.....

starting 8 pm on thursday for the 1200 km (750 mls). i include some times for breaks and sleeps. and what should i tell you. 8 minutes after arriving the ferry to Elba it started. i mean it was more than timing.

its only a 1 hour trip with a wonderful first view.

Elba for itself is small. you need not more than 5 hours for a roundtrip. our little hotel "Pilade" is managed by a family in the 2nd gen. very friendly and clean at all. good kitchen with local dishes.
pool area at crack of dawn with Capoliveri on the hill

Elba is an Eldorado for all kinds of watersport and good for biking and hiking too.
the girls are more part of the laying sports ;-) you find countless little beaches and bays if you looking for it

and sometimes you can see some real cool rides on the water

sure Im on the beaches too, but i try to keep my ass moved. the mountains in the centre of the island are great for greenhorns like me. you need some endurance for sure but if you stay on the top you get your fee. first trip was to the highest hill on Elba - Monte Capanne 1018 m (3340 ft). i took the cable car. one or two persones per cab. its almost silent arround you if you slide thru the treetops. the ground is not more than 30 m (100 ft) under your feets. you jump up and down of these cabs - it doesnt stop.

next step after this stressful climbing you need something to drink and enjoy it with a dramatic overview

my 2nd trip was more sweaty. per pedes I force the Monte Calanche 908 m (2980 ft)
i choose a roundtrip with the help a of map

its so great, only you and the nature arround you. hundreds of butterflies, lizards and birds. and after every step a new breathtaking view over the island and the sea arround.

you see like clouds creeping to the top and takes you for minutes.

it was delicious. Italy made the best icecream of all. but some "Gelateria" are better than other. if you ever stay in Marciana Marina you have to eat an icecream in this shop.

after the 100th icecream you check you weight or better not on the corner balance :-)

Italy is famous for its vinyards. if you are crazy about vine you are right here

my fav was these little stylish bottles Campari-Soda

every end of day an unbelievable colorful sunset

the highest peak on the pic above is Monte Cabanne

one of my favorits are the marinas in almost every town.

if you driving a V8 in Germany your get a bad taste in your mouth on every gas station. but look at the display if you own a motorboat. good to have a V8 car !!!

this is our local during the soccer world championship. every game of the Germans we saw it here. strike against England, strike against Argentina but doom against Spain :-( even the pan has our colors :-)

everything has an end - but only for this year