Dienstag, 16. November 2010


today received me a letter. it was the response to my asking from the "Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt"
and folks what should I tell you?

YEAH I have 0 (zero) points on my account :)))
null - nada - niente - nothing hahahaha

what a day!!!

and of course I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to mr. T from B.
THX for your support bro :)

explanation for my foreign friends :)

every owner of a driving license get an account by the "Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt" at Flensburg.
if you drive thru a red light traffic, or call by drive or forget to click the belt or driving to fast or or or, you get points on your account. it depence on the delict how much points you can collect.
ok and every fck single point stay on your account for usual 2 yrs. after these yrs it will be delete. but: if you are an evil driver during these two years nothing will be delete. and the new one will be added.
this is not a problem as long as you drive everyday from home to the supermarket and back. indeed you need driving for living it could be a real problem to you. so in my case. I collect 14 points over the years and the finish line (18 points) came in sight for me. finish line means loose your driving license.
and so there was nothing else to do for me but be very carefully the last 3 yrs. and now I GOT IT :))))

STAY TUNED for the next 14 points hahahaha

2 Kommentare:

  1. I guess you learned your lesson....! ;-)
    I have an Iowa speeding ticket. I believe it is for seven years in my records. The bad thing is, that with the next ticket my insurance rate will climb tremendously. Makes you thinking twice before you put the "Bleifuss" on the accelerator. ;-(

  2. well of course Im nearly modest now ;)
    you should be carefully, 7 years sounds dramatic !