Freitag, 26. November 2010

to the limits OR how to go to Essen Motorshow

Essen motorshow opens the doors and the Flying Piston Studios were able to get some space again for a very special exhibition. this year I would be there with Her. but to Essen it should be a long hard way.

best decision of the day was a visit by the local car glass dealer to seal the windshield with nanotech polish. you will see why ;)

meeting point with the rest of the crowd was rest stop "Börde" 10 am. excited like I was of course the first one there.
Christian and his Opel were the next; some minutes later Thom and Olli

pic to remember someday

it was cold but sunny - still ; )

crossing the former innergerman borderline

weather was still nice...

...and then came the rain. aproxx 100 mls to go. but who cares and wipers are for pussies ;)

unfortunately we have winter right now and rain turns into snow (sometimes)

and this was GAME OVER for us on the german autobahn. the snow didnt move from the windshield
so we saw nothing, nada, niente :( we had to take the rescue line to remove the white crape from the glass. the trucks on the left lane with 80 mls/hr. it wasnt funny at all. no chance to drive longer as 20 sec and faster as 5 mph/hr. so we crept down the line to the next exit. it felt like kind of suicide commando.

safe for first under the autobahn thought ab the next step. not much choice :(

after 30 - 45 min mandatory break (I had XXXL icecubes at my feet) the snow became more and more less. and we had to take this chance to hit the bahn again. in hope for only rain :)
and we got it - hit the fairground 6.30 pm after a horrible trip - but we were happy and that counts !!!

I used the chance to sit down in one of the most beautiful HotRod in Germany. Gordons 28er Citroen

and of course I had to clean her up for the show; rain and snow did its best


and after:

and the big end of my day was driving home with a rental car. totally wiped out at home 4 am.

- use nanotech on windshields
- book a hotel



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