Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

Merry Christmas to y´all - belated

some wishes to all the readers of this blog and thx for your support during the past year.

its our tradition on christmas eve to eat trout for dinner. this year it was a lil diff to pick up the fish out of the farm bc the weather wasnt funny at all. the streets were kind of a schlitterbahn

but nowhere you get more freshly fish as here. out of the basin into your bag.

next step is cleaning the fishes with salt to remove the slime
towel it and hand it to next station

next stop: fill up with herb butter, salt, pepper and wrap it in foil
yes - its easy as pie

30 min in the oven  - thats it
I  advise good tunes during the preparation

STAY TUNED or enjoy the meal IMY

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