Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Berlin, Berlin

we used the nice weekend ones more for a trip to Berlin. program on saturday was visit my construction site and a short "Hello" to the world famouse Flying Piston headquarter. always good for a stylish cup of coffee and a chilly blonde (means cold beer :)

these nice pieces of porcelain are available by Be-bob-a-hula

you could spend days stroll around the town and taken pix. I love that.

pix below were taken at Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

some less corners show how it looked there before 1989 (and this a one of a better example )

friday eve I used for a visit at the Reichstag in the dark

this time we hit the centre of tourism too :) by the way you cant say that isnt worth seeing.
Berlin Friedrichstrasse

I enjoyed to sit at STARBUCKS right next to the Brandenburg Gate and checked emails - some kind of strange


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  1. Hallo Brian,
    schöne Fotos! Und wie war das Wetter in Berlin? Bei Euch ist es ja wohl eher kalt. Hier ist es mittlerweile wieder reichlich warm geworden. Heute hatte San Antonio den Rekord für den 25. Oktober: 91 Grad Fahrenheit [= 32,78 Grad Celsius]! Ganz schön reichlich!
    LG aus dem südlichen Texas,