Sonntag, 12. September 2010

Massen´n Dust

it was one of these last minute action. beachboy pete called me friday evening if I want to go to Massen. hm, weather forecast was fine, why not. early bird catch the worm. clock rang 6am, 7am Im on the way to Massen.
what a nice morning. sun came up, the meadows beside carried the dew of the night. nobody on the road. wow. can only be a good day.

8am meeting with Pete. better to drive with other cars its simple more fun.

german autobahn can you pissed off sometimes. we hung aproxx 45min (feeled like 2 hrs) in the jam (i thought jam means that strawberry or cherry stuff?) the hand of HER fuel gauge didnt make me happy.

aproxx 11pm we hit the location in Massen (ok mean Schacksdorf). very nice spot there. between old russian airfield hangars. lot of nice cars and the usual public.
plz have also a sharp look at Marc´s lowtech-blog he took some spectacular pix of a rollover !
there is one pic that shows me behind the bales of straw (3rd from above - right next the lady)

5pm I started back to home. this time against the sunset. sorry for people who wants to call me. but inside HER its so noisy (love that sound) at 70 mph, you cant hear any ring :-(
lookin back to a real cool day


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