Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

last weekend cruising

let me introduce you my grandpa in law. he is one of my personal "hero". and i know that he wants to ride with HER, but he would never say it to me. he is one of these people, who covered his car inside his garage and wash it after almost every drive (old school ;-).
so i told him, that i propose a little ride thru the neighborhood and wish that he could come with me.
he gave me a big smile and said, that he needs 5 minutes to change his shirt and his trousers. this statement makes me smiled.
the entire time in the car he looked a little proud and happy. and i enjoyed the time too. cool to have such a grandpa.


2 Kommentare:

  1. Brian, what a nice story! I'm sure your girlfriends grandpa is proud of his grandson in law, because of how hard you have worked to make this wonderful car running again. I bet you both had a ball driving through the neighborhood. I wish you many more days like this!

  2. thx Andreas for comment.
    one thing to say is, that the car was still running as i bought it last year out of TX. my part of the story is/was building up a new home for HER ;-)