Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

Style Deluxe HHamburg

this thursday i had a business date in the north part of germany. the way cross Hamburg city and i remember me for this little garage calls Style Deluxe
i knew the name of the street and a round about of the number and so i drive this street 3 times up and down before i discovered a drive to a backyard. nobody assumed here a kustom car garage.
but i was right, than after i walked inside, a b/w fighting dog sniffed on me and mr. Kaps was finishing an old BWM-bike for a customer.
first i asked him about the southeast-european cardealer neighborhood along the street and he tell me, that he like to build a 8 ft barbwire fencing arround his property. i can understand him.

at one corner of the shop stood his 50 belair under construction. bare to the metal, grounding the concret and waiting to be a new beauty. its a lot of work until then. the car came out of the states with their own imagination of quality ;-). but its another story.

we talked about this and that, i took some pix and was happy that i did this visit.

here are some impressions of the shop - enjoy it


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