Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

back from italy

here are some pix from the last travel to elba island. its a beautiful island with a lot of clear light and dark blue water arround, nice little beaches and a great cuisine. we stood for only 10 days in a little hotel near porto azzurro. its own by a family in the 4th generation. a very warm ambience arround. weather was absolutely great, not compared to the sh... weather here in Germany.

ok lets see the pix

i loved to see the sailing ships with there crews and families on it. its the best way to discover the island and finding hidden places to swim and dive.

why you should use one motor on your rubber dinghy if you can have two. its like a hemi on a soapbox

this was our morning view from the house. no more to say

wiring like a rat rod :-) very special

together with my little girl looking for octopussies and sharks ;-)

roofs of capoliveri. nice village in the hills.

little food stores with local wines, air dried ham, smelling cheese, jummy jam and honey

look at this ship. ships mast is aproxx 36 m (40 feet) high. home port is valetta (malta island) and called "Wellenreiter"

our everyday end of day


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